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Maggie Caracciolo
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"I have been an esthetican here in the east bay for the last 13 years.  One
component of this business is that I have a large retail inventory which
requires a lot of bookkeeping.  This year I am creating a new website for the
spa and a new webstore.  Maggie has been a key component and advisor as
to how to synchronize all of this into a compatible bookkeeping/inventorty
control system.  I have employed other bookkeepers in the past who have
been ill equipt and/or overpriced.  I am completely confident in Maggie's ability
to manage my bookkeeping needs.   She is prompt, well trained, thorough and
expedient.  She is an absolute delight to work with and my bookkeeping bills
are a fraction of what they have been in the past.  I cannot recommend her
highly enough."
Debbie, Owner - Skin Deep
                                            Alameda, CA

"Basic Bookkeeping has been the perfect solution for our business needs.   
While we've grown from a small sole-proprietorship to a corporation with more
than 40 employees, Basic Bookkeeping has been by our side to provide us
sound advice and the services we need to serve more children.  It's rare to find
Accounting services from a firm such as yours.  A team we can count on to get
the job done right the first time.  You are a pleasure to work with."

Mitch, Co-Founder - School of Imagination & Happy Talkers
Dublin, CA
"Maggie is a great asset. Besides being a joy to work with, she is very
thorough and extremely knowledgeable. I could not run my business
without her!"
Anna, Producer - Hungry Mind Recordings, Inc
 Oakland, CA
"As a small business owner, I feel as though a weight has been lifted
since we began working with Basic Bookkeeping.  Maggie Caracciolo’s
efficiency has saved me countless hours each month of slogging through
paperwork and wrestling with Quickbooks – and countless more hours of
worrying about whether or not I did it right!  Whereas I am a believer in
“good-enough,” that is NOT a value you look for in financial statements –
and Basic Bookkeeping believes in “perfection.”  There is now not one
penny out of place in our books thanks to Maggie’s patience and
diligence.  The rates are extremely affordable, and I am only charged the
minimum time required to perform that month’s tasks – what an incredibly
good business decision it was to hire her services."

 Theresa,  Co-Owner - Struthers Dias Architects
   Alameda, CA
"Having Maggie in my corner has made my entire life easier. I love knowing
that all of my income and expenses are being successfully tracked and
that my invoicing is occurring on a regular basis. Not only does Maggie
know her stuff as an accountant, but she is an absolute JOY to work with. I
highly recommend her."
 Amy, CEO - Wake-Up Call Coach
                           Oakland, CA